Let' s talk about SILICONES



Silicone is a man made material (a polymer created by adding carbon and/or oxygen to *silicon)

It’s flexible, easy to clean and bacteria-proof.


Beware not all silicones are made equals

When choosing your products always make sure they are 100% food grade

Fortunately at B.Babyco, all of our silicone products are 100% food grade, FDA approved, BPA, latex  and lead free

Silicones are a great alternative for a plastic free environnement. Silicone does not harbor bacteria since there are no open pores for bacteria to live. Hostile environment anyone?

It is a great material for bibs, pacifier, toys and baby mealtime accessories.

However, silicones should not be expose to high temperature (over 300 F) as it will release hazardous compounds when heated


Here are some of our best-sellers silicone products

-Silicone bibs

silicone bib

-Frigg Pacifier

frigg pacifier

-Collapsible Snack Cup

snack cup




Read the reviews and see what parents are raving about

*Love this snack cup. So easy to clean, easy to fill and super fast and bendy :) love the colour a d best of all my baby loves it and super easy for him to hold!*




*Really love this bib, easy to wash and baby is clean after eating. I like the rainbow pattern for my rainbow baby :)*






*silicon : one of the most abundant and natural element on the planet

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